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Mission Beach
is a
VERY COOL Beach Town!!


I took this picture from a private plane!!

This is a birds eye view of Mission Beach and Mission Bay!!

Mission Beach is the narrow peninsula on the edge of the Pacific Ocean!!

See the waves at the top? 

That's the beach and the Boardwalk.

Mission Bay is the largest man-made aquatic park in the country!!

4000 square acres!!

Two very different worlds!  You'll enjoy both!!

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The Boardwalk and the beaches

on the Pacific Ocean are active, fun & busy.

Body surf, board surf, boogie board, jump the waves, play volleyball, search for shells,
build a sandcastle or just walk along the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

You'll see surfers everyday!!

You should try it!!

Surfing lessons available everyday!
The kids will never forget it!!
Ride bikes, skate, jog and walk on miles of waterfront sidewalks. FUN!

A Very Cool Beach Condo near Mission Bay!!

1 minute to the bay.

4 minute walk to the ocean

Over 4000 acres of water, sand and flat sidewalks - perfect for walking or riding bikes!!
Sail, kayak, paddle board, jet ski, swim,
play tennis & basketball, fly a kite,
picnic & enjoy the playgrounds.

Mission Bay is perfect for families

Walk to Mission Bay Sports Center
to rent sailboats, jet skis,
paddle boards
& kayaks!!